1st appointment/consultation

During the first appointment, a full medical history will be carried out, followed by a vascular and neurological assessment of the feet, before conducting a routine foot health assessment. A plan of treatment will then be discussed to address any conditions that have been detected, then following the signature of a consent to treat/GDPR form, the first treatment will then be carried out. 

Follow up appointments

Follow-up treatments will differ according to the treatment plan discussed at the first appointment. On every appointment, a routine foot health check will be undertaken to detect any newly identified problems. The treatment itself will be totally tailored to your individual needs and preferences, finalising treatment with a soothing massage to the feet and recommendations for aftercare.


If a condition emerges that is not within the capabilities of a Foot Health Practitioner to treat, then a referral letter will be created and forwarded to the relevant professional so that treatment can be effectively performed in a correct and safe manner.

Capacity Assessment

When a relative or carer makes an appointment, the patient's capacity to consent to treatment will be assessed. If they lack capacity, the person making the booking must complete and sign a consent form, as well as provide payment. The relative or carer will also be requested to attend the appointment while the treatment is being performed.


Appointments can be made by phone, email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Nextdoor, or using the online contact form. Regardless of how you reach me, I will endeavour to respond within 48 hours

Cancellation Policy

Please be mindful that cancellations made up to 48 hours before to an arranged appointment via email, text, or phone call will be processed without penalty. Please be mindful that any cancellations made 48 hours or less before an appointment will incur a charge of half the service rate. This includes appointments where a property cannot be accessed or turned away at the door.


First appointment/consultation - £45

Follow up appointments - £40

Couple appointment at same address - First appointment £80 for both and follow up appointments £70 for both 

Residential/Nursing Home - First appointment/consultation - £35

Residential/Nursing home - Follow up appointments - £30

Accepted Payments

Cash, Debit or Credit cards, Cheques, BACS